SENIOR'S STRENGTH AND FLEXIBILITY: This class is for seniors or beginners. You can use a chair to assist you with most of the exercises if you need. Includes some cardio, strength building, and stretching. 

HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING(HIIT): Mostly body weight exercises with the use of some weights. Class time will vary from 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on the workout for that day. It is geared for someone who wants to lose weight, change up their traditional training style, add variety to your workout, increase strength, increase endurance, and achieve overall wellness. 

WARNING: Regular exercise and a healthy diet may lead to a host of benefits including increased energy, feeling and looking great, and perhaps even living longer. Hope you can join us! 


All of these classes except where noted are included in the monthly membership fee.
They are subject to change based on instructor availability and class attendance.